13 October
cashew nuts /pistachio nut/pine nuts /walnut/almonds/mecademia nuts/ca - product's photo
$ 550 / per 1 ton

Cashew Nuts /Pistachio Nut/Pine Nuts /Walnut/Almonds/Mecademia Nuts/Ca

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sales sale
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Product type
Packed, Inorganic
Primary package
Amount in the package
25 kg. per carton
Quantity available
45000 box per 15500 days
Product description
Cashew Nuts /Pistachio Nut/Pine Nuts /Walnut/Almonds/Mecademia Nuts/Cashew Nuts/Cloves for sale NUTS Our fine selections of nuts and Kernels, ranging from Almonds to Walnuts, are selected from the finest quality nuts. The range includes ,Peanuts , Cashew Nuts ,Walnuts , Chestnuts, Sunflower Kernels , Pumpkin Kernels , Almonds , Pistachio Nuts , Betel Nuts , Hazelnuts , Pine Nuts , Melon Seeds , Pecan Nuts , Macadamia Nuts , Apricot Kernels, Brazil Nuts , Ginkgo Nuts lots more. The below products displayed are just few of our nuts and Kernels available. We have a wide varieties of Nuts and Kernel grown and harvested in the finest way. Please if your desire product is not found on the below display, do send us an e-mail including product name and destination port for us to send you a price quote whatsapp number : +254 734488690 email: export.sale.2018@gmail.com Thanks

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